Noninvasive neurostimulation offers an exciting method to modulate brain activity to explore function and mechanism, with translational implications. However, the methodology has a few limitations. First, targets are restricted to the surface of the cortex, unless using invasive techniques such as deep brain stimulation. Second, stimulation is non-focal, making it difficult to target specific regions of the brain.

Transcranial ultrasound solves many of these issues. Energy is focused through the skull at millimeter resolution to reach deep brain structures, with a proven safety record.  I conducted some of the first experiments on humans using focused ultrasound, showing that very brief sonication


treatments could enhance mood for up to 30 minutes. In my current research, I am testing the safety of multiple doses of ultrasound, basic neurophysiological effects to search for new parameters, and I'm using focused ultrasound to enhance meditation practice.

See the my TEDx Talk below for more information.

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